The pearls behind the silver screen—A write up on the history of Sangha’s committee members.
Sangha’s aims and objectives:

1. To render educational assistance by way of scholarships and distribution of books to economically backward but meritorious students;

2. To render medical assistance to the poor and downtrodden;

3. To enlighten the members about women’s education and to take steps to create dowry-free society.

4. To promote brotherhood and fraternity amongst the members of the society.

5. To propagate the message of “ONE RELIGION, ONE CASTE AND ONE GOD” .of Brahmashree Narayana Guru.

6. To achieve social and cultural progress of the members.

7. To guide and assist the members to achieve the al-round development.

8. Every year, Sangha is organizing family picnics and cultural programmes. This serves dual purposes. Firstly, the members will have the opportunity to show their unity and meet each other. Secondly the occasion gives the children of the members a platform to show their talent. The talented children are awarded with trophies and encouraged during these functions.


The northern part of the undivided Dakshina Kannada District is the present day Udupi district. Udupi district’s northern most Taluk is KUNDAPURA. Economically, educationally and politically, Kundapura is one of the most un-developed Taluks.

Today our Sangha has a total membership of more than 2000. The Sangha does not believe in publicity or show business.